Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Alonso doesn't foresee any Red Bull style multi 21 issues with Kimi next season

Fernando Alonso has said that he does not foresee any team order issues like we saw at Red Bull Racing this season with the Malaysian GrandPrix multi 21 fiasco.

Alonso believes that provided the Italian team give both him and Kimi Raikkonen a competitive car next season then they will absolutely fine.

Next year is an important season for the Marnello based squad as they have not won the drivers championship since Kimi Raikkinenen won the title in 2007. It is going to be an extremely interesting season and I think we are going to see the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari doing very well as they major resources at their finger tips.

I believe however, that Formula One needs to really thin carefully about the direction that it is going in. This will be the second major regulation change since the 2009 season. I think that for a sport that is the pinnacle of motor racing it is not a good thing at all that the regulations are changed as in my opinion, this could end up alienating the sports loyal fan base.

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