Monday, 9 February 2015

Minardi hopes for reason

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Former Formula One Team Principal Giancarlo Minardi has slammed the sport’s big teams for denying the Manor F1 Team the opportunity to return to Formula One this season.

Minardi believes that the larger teams should help the likes of Manor and other smaller teams as that way the smaller outfits can compete and won’t be at the back of the grid. Minardi sold his team to Australian airline entrepreneur Paul Stoddart in 2007.

Minardi stated that he worked extremely hard to fight for the small teams between 1997 and 98. Minardi described the rejection of Manor as ‘absurd and unsportsmanlike behaviour.’

The news that Manor have failed in their bid to return to Formula One means that there will only be nine teams on the grid in 2015. In 2016 however the Haas F1 Team will bring the number of cars on the grid up to 20.

The Manor F1 Team are still hopeful of returning to Formula One in 2015 and set up a new website:

Minardi hopes the sport’s governing body and the teams will reconsider the Manor F1 Team’s application to return to Formula One this season. The regulations stipulate that a team can miss up to three Grand Prix in a season, this would give the Manor F1 Team more time to develop a new 2015 chassis.

© Ben Johnston 2015

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