Saturday, 25 April 2015

Szafnauer calls on Pirelli to allow teams to choose their own tyre compounds for each race

(Pirelli Motorsport Media)

Sahara Force India Formula One Team Chief Operating Officer Otmar Szafnauer has called on Pirelli to allow teams to pick their own compound tyres before each Grand Prix event.

Szafnauer’s request comes after Pirelli announced their compound selection for the next four Formula One races in Spain, Monaco, Canada and Austria. He believes that by allowing teams to choose their own compounds ahead of each race it would open up Grand Prix in that there would be a huge variation in pit-stop strategies over the course of a Grand Prix distance.

Szafnauer went to say that if teams were to give Pirelli a four week window of notice regarding the tyre compounds they wanted for a race it would Pirelli to manufacturer each tyre.

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