Friday, 15 May 2015

Refuelling returns from 2017

(© Ben Johnston 2015)

Formula One will return to refuelling from 2017 it was confirmed today following Thursday’s meeting between Formula One management and senior personnel from the top teams. 

Refuelling was banned in Formula One on safety grounds ahead of the 2010 season and it has been reintroduced in a bid to spice up the action for the fans.

The FIA have also confirmed that from next season teams will choice which two of Pirelli’s four tyre compounds that they want to run for each Grand Prix, up until now Pirelli have been the ones who have chosen the compounds for each race.

The FIA have confirmed the changes agreed.

For 2016

-         Teams will get to choose their own two dry compound tyres prior to each Grand Prix weekend.

For 2017

-        Cars will be 5 to 6 seconds faster as a result of aerodynamic changes, wider tyres, a reduction in the weight of the chassis.
-          Reintroduction of refuelling (Maintaining a maximum race fuel allowance)
-          High revving engines making greater noise.
-          More aggressive looks

© Ben Johnston 2015

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