Sunday, 17 May 2015

V6 introduction back-fired in reducing costs in Formula One

(© Ben Johnston 2015)

Formula One introduced V6 turbo charged power units ahead of the 2014 season and just over a year since than Williams Martini Racing Team’s Financial Director Alan Kinch has revealed that far from reducing the costs of Formula One the new units has done the complete opposite.

The introduction of the new generation power units was in an effort to reduce the costs for the teams to compete in Formula One however Finch has said that part of the reason for the Grove based outfit’s operating loss of £34.3 million last year was as a result of the new units.

In 2014, Williams Martini Racing switched from Renault to Mercedes power and speaking to the Independent Finch said that their costs increased by £20 million as a result of the new power train in the back of the FW36.

Finch concluded by saying that the teams power unit expenditure is not expected to change to much year on year as they have a long term contract in place with Mercedes Benz.

Williams Martini Racing finished the 2014 season in third place in the Constructors championship and the revenue that they will receive from Formula One’s commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone will offset some of the losses reported by the Grove based outfit.

© Ben Johnston 2015

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