Saturday, 2 May 2015

It is not about how much you can spend but instead how you go about spending what you have got

(© Ben Johnston 2015)

Williams Martini Racing Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams has said that it is not how much money you in Formula One but instead whether or not you spend the money you have wisely.

The Grove based outfit are currently in third place in the championship on 61 points which is where they finished last season, and although they have a title sponsorship agreement with Martini and various other big name commercial partners they have a much smaller budget compared to the ‘big three teams’ Ferrari, Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Mercedes.

Williams said that as a long as the team believe that they can compete for championships than that is what they will do. Williams have won championships before beating McLaren and Ferrari despite having a smaller budget and she sees no reason why they can’t do that again.

Last season, the Grove based outfit finished the year in third place in the championship ahead of Ferrari and indeed McLaren. Speaking to Sky Sports F1 Williams stated that she heard that over the winter, Ferrari had invested a further £100 million into their development programme for 2015 and that this was her entire budget for the Williams Martini Racing Team.

Williams went on to say that her team are currently ahead of Infiniti Red Bull Racing and McLaren-Honda and that is how they want it to stay while trying to close the gap to Mercedes and Ferrari.

© Ben Johnston 2015

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