Sunday, 8 February 2015

Fernando never asked for number one status


McLaren Group Chairman Ron Dennis has revealed that Fernando Alonso’s return to the team was an extremely easy decision for him to make and having spent time with the Spaniard he can see how the double world champion has matured since the last time the pair worked together. 

Dennis has also stated that the fact that he has mellowed over the years has helped the pair to renew their working relationship and it is as if the events of 2007 did not happen.

When it comes to working alongside Jenson Button, Dennis revealed that when he and Alonso sat down to work out a deal, Alonso did not ask for number 1 status at the team and in no way was this going to be a condition of his contract. Dennis revealed that it was in fact the complete opposite with Alonso.

Alonso said to him:

‘Equality, I accept equality’.

Dennis revealed that everyone has moved on from what happened in 2007. Meanwhile McLaren Engineering Director Matt Morris said that the Spaniard has been itching to get in the car. Dennis and other senior management figures at McLaren were in attendance on the opening day of this week’s test in Jerez.

Morris revealed that Alonso’s motivation levels are extremely high and although he was frustrated by the lack of running this week he was happy.

Honda will bring some upgrades to their power unit for the next test in Barcelona which should help the team to move forward in their development programme.

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