Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Raikkonen happy with how his back feels

(Scuderia Ferrari SpA via Twitter)
Kimi Raikkonen has stated that his back feels 'much much better' following his surgery to resolve a long standing back injury. The Finn opted to miss the final two race's of the 2013 season in order to undergo the surgery.
Raikkonen's comments come despite the fact that he crashed heavily on the final day of the first test in Bahrain.
He went on to say that he hopes that his back will remain as it is and is hopeful that he will not experience anymore issues. Raikkonen spent the last two day's of last weeks test in Bahrain at the wheel of the F14-T and showed competitive pace.
However, despite putting in a good number of laps over the four days Raikkonen admitted that the team still have plenty of work to do during the test of the Winter which gets underway on Thursday.
Raikkonen sees the first race as an unknown however he is not concerned by this as it is the same every year with new cars and as he has previously stated he feels there isn't much of a difference between the era of Formula One car to last year's cars.
It is now a race against time for most of the team's as they head into the final four days of the test before the cars are sent to Australia for the first race of the season in Melbourne which takes place in just under three weeks time.
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