Thursday, 26 March 2015

Alonso and McLaren at odds with what happened with his crash in Barcelona as Brundle says something doesn't add up

(McLaren Honda)

Fernando Alonso has contradicted what McLaren Honda said about his accident. Speaking during Thursday’s FIA Driver Press Conference ahead of the Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend the Spaniard stated that he DID NOT wake up in 1995 he didn’t wake up speaking Italian.

He said that he suffered locked steering and went right at Turn 3. The Spaniard said that the team’s comments about the wind do not help.

Sky Sports F1 HD commentator Martin Brundle believes that something about the accident does not add up. According to Alonso he remembers the marshals approaching him following the crash despite the fact it had initially been reported that the double world champion had in fact lost consciousness briefly directly following the impact.

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