Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Formula One should ban wind tunnel use to cut costs

(© Ben Johnston 2015)

Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner believes that the powers that be in Formula One should consider banning the use of wind-tunnels as a radical way for the sport to save money.

However the Milton Keynes based outfit boss concedes that this idea would be prove to be extremely controversial. One the sport could do to reduce costs would be to restrict the time that teams can operate their wind tunnels as the bigger Formula One teams can run their wind-tunnels 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Horner whose team own their own wind-tunnel stated that although they wouldn’t feel comfortable giving up the wind tunnel if they felt that it was for the good of the sport then it is something that they would be willing to do.

Horner who has led the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team since they entered Formula One in 2005 believes that a budget cap is not workable as teams will continue to spend in other areas and will not be able to policed. 

© Ben Johnston 2015

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