Thursday, 12 March 2015

Dennis was wrong to deny Alonso claims

(McLaren Honda)

McLaren Chairman Ron Dennis has admitted that he made a mistake by denying that Fernando Alonso suffered a concussion following his testing accident in Barcelona last month.

Speaking at an event in Melbourne prior to this weekend’s opening Grand Prix of the 2015 season Dennis stated that when he confirmed that Alonso was completely devoid of any injury that this statement was in fact untrue.

The Spaniard will sit out this weekend’s Australian Grand Prix as he recovers from a concussion he sustained following his testing accident in Barcelona last month.

Dennis revealed that by denying the facts of the case it probably was not his best performance but he explained that there are a lot of complexities to concussion. When asked if he expected Alonso to be back racing for the next Grand Prix in Malaysia, Mr Dennis stated he hoped the Spaniard would be but conceded that it is Alonso’s call and not his.

McLaren Test and Reserve driver Kevin Magnussen will drive alongside Jenson Button this weekend.

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