Thursday, 26 March 2015

Button not convinced by Alonso's steering lock claim


McLaren Honda’s Jenson Button has refuted the claims of his team mate Fernando Alonso who said that heavy steering was the cause of his testing accident in Barcelona last month.

Despite Alonso’s claims none of the data retrieved by McLaren regarding the Spaniard’s crash points to there being any problems with the steering or any other mechanical issues with the MP4-30. This has led to claims that the relationship between McLaren and Alonso is already strained however this would appear not to be the case.

Button was asked if there was ever any case in career when the cause of an accident went unexplained to which the 2009 world champion replied certainly not in Formula One but maybe during his time in karting.

Button explained that at McLaren like with all other Formula One teams there are an awful lot of sensors on the car and the team take every safety precaution necessary. 

Button also feels that the team should not dwell on what happened as the team have gone through absolutely everything and did not find any issue with the car but he concedes that he wasn’t in the car so doesn’t what the car felt like.

Button also went to say that he can only look at the data but he understands the concerns of the team as Alonso spent three days in hospital but as far as he is concerned there was nothing wrong with the car and he has no concerns about driving the MP4-30.

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