Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Formula One must listen to the needs of the fans

(© Ben Johnston 2014)

Ferrari Chairman, Sergio Marchionne and the Formula One teams new Team Principal Maurizio Arrivabene believe that Formula One needs to act in order attract younger fans to the sport if it wants to survive a be more prosperous.

Arrivabene believes that the sport should consider opening up the FIA Driver Press Conference’s to the fans. The Italian feels that the sport needs to become more accessible to the fans. If the sport fails to do something, the Ferrari management feel that Formula One will be racing in front of empty grandstands.

Arrivabene has stated that the sport has lost focus and drifted away from the fans. The sport is also no longer value for money for the fans.

Last month, Formula One set up a promotional working group in order to come up with ways to make Formula One more accessible to the fans. Arrivabene has also confirmed that the team needs to answer needs of the fans and he believes that this will be more beneficial to the fans.

© Ben Johnston 2014

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