Tuesday, 9 December 2014

I've had an amazing career in Formula One


McLaren’s Jenson Button has admitted that it is strange not knowing what his future holds in relation to Formula One. The 2009 World champion along with team mate Kevin Magnussen have been left waiting to find out where or not they will remain in Formula One with the Woking based outfit in 2015.

Fernando Alonso is set to be confirmed as one of the team’s drivers for next season when they make switch from Mercedes to Honda power units.

Button has received overwhelming support from within the Formula One community and on social media and speaking at Sunday’s Autosport Awards he said that if he was just starting out in Formula One career he would find the wait extremely difficult. However he stated that no matter the decision is:

‘I’ve had an amazing career in Formula One.’

Button outperformed team mate Kevin Magnussen in 2014 and the team have already stated that he didn’t to prove himself as they know what he can do.

While Button has spoken about the situation at McLaren, Kevin Magnussen has been very quiet about what is happening at the team. It is still unclear when an announcement will be made with a McLaren spokesperson confirming last week that there would be no announcement made until this week at the earliest.

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