Saturday, 6 December 2014

No problems at McLaren


McLaren-Honda Racing Director Eric Boullier has stated that there are absolutely no problems at the Woking based outfit as they continue to drag their heels on coming to a decision about their 2015 Formula One line-up. The Frenchman has confirmed that the team are taking their time to ensure that they make the right decision for the future of the team.

The McLaren Group held their annual general meeting on Thursday where they failed to reach a decision on who will driver for the team in 2015. 

McLaren are the only leading team yet to make an announcement about their driver line up and this has lead to criticism not only from Formula One personalities but even from within the ranks of their own team. One insider even stated that Chairman Ron Dennis has lost the respect of his own employees over the indecisiveness.

Speaking at the #AskCrofty Sky Sports F1 Special on Friday Boullier stated:

'Unfortunately I cannot give you any tips as I do not know. No decision has been taken yet. I know there are a lot of fans, Jenson's fans, Kevin's fans, other drivers' fans and hopefully some McLaren fans, but it is just about taking the right decision for the future, not only for next year but also for the next years.'

Boullier confirmed that his responsibility is to make the team win again and that if the decision was purely down to him he would retain both Button and Magnusen as with Button they have a world champion while Magnussen is a talented driver. 

The team confirmed on Friday that they will not make announcement until next week at the earliest.

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