Friday, 16 January 2015

BREAKING - Honda win the right to develop their power unit

(McLaren Honda)

McLaren engine partner Honda have been granted permission to develop their 2015 power unit. The Japanese manufacturer who return to Formula One for the first time since 2008 were originally not allowed to develop their power unit this season despite a loophole in the regulations that allowed rivals Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault to develop their units during the season.

Honda management met with the FIA on Monday to discuss the matter. The news will come as a relief to McLaren who it was thought would have been at a disadvantage going into this season with Honda.

The regulations stated that Honda, as a new power unit supplier were not allowed to develop their unit.

So what will Honda be able to do? The Japanese manufacturer will be allowed to change parts of the power unit based on the number of tokens that their rivals have not used up to the opening race of the season in Melbourne, Australia on March 16.

It remains unclear on how much development Honda will be allowed to do as this has not be stated by the FIA, however it is expected that they will be allowed a substantial amount of development. 

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