Friday, 5 December 2014

A fifth power unit would need to be agreed upon in order for Korea to return

(Mercedes AMG PETRONAS F1 Team)

The FIA have confirmed that Formula One team's will not be permitted to run a fifth power unit next season unless the Korean Grand Prix remains on the calendar for the 2015 season. It was confirmed on Wednesday that Korea has been provisionally. 

The return of the race brings the 2015 Formula One calendar up to 21 Grand Prix and under the current power unit regulations each driver is allocated just four complete power units per season meaning that they have to make each power unit last four Grand Prix distances. The current regulations under Article 28. 4(a) states:

'Drivers are limited to four power units for the season.'

However there is a clause in the regulation that states if the calendar exceeds 20 Grand Prix then the provision will be made that would allow each driver to use a fifth engine for the season.

It is believed that the allowance of a fifth power unit is unlikely to be passed. 

However it is thought that the use of a fifth power unit could be included in a package by Bernie Ecclestone in order to get a 21st race on the calendar for 2015 if Korea does not make it back onto the final draft of the schedule as it is only provisionally back on the calendar and has been penciled in for May 3 just one week before the start of the European leg of the season in Spain.

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