Friday, 5 December 2014

No team crisis in Formula One

(Mercedes AMG F1 Team)

FIA president Jean Todt has stated that despite the fact that the Marussia F1 Team ceased operation last month and that the Caterham F1 Team are seeking a new buyer having missed two of the final three races of the 2014 Formula One season, after entering administration in October, the sport is not in crisis.

Although the FIA president is sympathetic to the plight of the Marussia and Caterham F1 Team's he said that this is historically what happens in Formula One and although it is unfortunate it is the reality of the situation and he feels that the trouble faced by the two teams gives scope for more team's to enter the sport.

The Haas F1 Team is set to enter Formula One in 2016 with a supply of Ferrari power units. The American outfit were scheduled to make their Formula One debut in 2015 however team founder Gene Haas felt that their acceptance into Formula One for next season came too late get up and running and to be competitive from the word go so the FIA gave him permission for the new team to make their Formula One debut in 2016.

Todt also confirmed that if there are nine teams in 2015 and ten in 2016, the FIA may reopen the tendering processor another new team. 

The FIA have also confirmed that Formula One's big teams will not be asked to run a third car if both the Caterham and Marussia F1 Team's don't return to Formula One in 2015.

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