Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Alonso right to move to McLaren

Aerial view of the McLaren Technology Centre and McLaren Production Centre, Woking

Three time world champion Sir Jackie Stewart believes that Fernando Alonso's impending move to McLaren Honda for the 2015 Formula One season is the right move for the Spaniard. Stewart believes that Honda must have had a influence on re-introducing Alonso to McLaren.

As for who Stewart thinks will be Alonso's team mate at McLaren next season, the Scot has no doubt that double world champion will have a say as to who will be his team mate in 2015.

 Prior to the end of the 2014 season Alonso was quoted as saying he would prefer to have Jenson Button as his team mate however during the final driver press conference in Abu Dhabi when asked who he would like as his team mate next season he refused to be drawn on the subject.

Stewart said that sport will just have to wait and see what they (McLaren) decide to do.

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