Monday, 7 April 2014

F1 to pump up the volume

(Williams Martini Racing)
Formula One team's along with the FIA have agreed to increase the volume of the sport this season after criticism from many quarters the new engine formula adopted by the sport for 2014 has made the cars too quiet.
Although no time frame has been given for the change will happen FIA president Jean Todt meet with the team's at the Bahrain Grand Prix over the weekend to discuss this along with a number of other topics. Speaking about the new sound of F1 Todt said:
'It's something we have been addressing with all the manufacturers involved in F1, to address the thing even with the new regulations'

However not everyone agrees that the new sound of the sport need to be changed. McLaren Group chairman Ron Dennis believes that if Formula One fan's can't her the new sound of Formula One they should 'turn up the volume on their television's'

Todt believes that a solution can be tested following the Spanish Grand Prix in May as Formula One will conduct the second in-season test following the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona in May.

The Formula One team's stayed in Bahrain following yesterday's Grand Prix as they will conduct two day's of testing with all team's present at the test.

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