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Hamilton and Button top Britain's highest paid Sportsmen list

(McLaren Mercedes)
Formula One has come out on top of the list of the highest paid sport men in Britain with Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button taking first and second in the list. According to Sky Mercedes Lewis Hamilton will take home a reported £68 million in 2014 which is an increase of £8 million on what the 2008 world champion earned last season.
McLaren's Jenson Button will reportedly earn £63 million in 2014 which is an increase of £5 million compared to 2013.
Driver salaries has become a hot topic in Formula One recently with a number of them confirming that they have not been paid outstanding salaries with suggestions prior to the Chinese Grand Prix that a number of them were set to strike. However Sahara Force India's Nico Hulkenberg poured cold water on this report saying that although situation was not ideal there was never any talk about driver's striking over unpaid wages.
Following the story, the Lotus F1 Team's Romain Grosjean confirmed that he has been paid the outstanding salary that was owed to him by the Enstone based outfit.
According to reports in the media Ferrari's Fernando Alonso is the highest paid F1 driver in 2014 with the Spaniard earning in the region of £20 million with Ferrari sponsor Santander financing part of the deal. In contrast Kimi Raikkonen, who did bring sponsorship with him when he re-joined Ferrari for this season is reportedly set to earn £10 million.
World champion Sebastian Vettel earned a reported figure of €12 million in 2013, however it is not known how much the German can expect to receive this season.
A number of driver's for example, Pastor Maldonado have managed to bring substantial sponsorship packages with them to a team for example the Venezuelan brought oil giant PDVSA with him to the Lotus F1 Team following his departure from the Williams F1 Team at he end of last season.
However, it is believed that the oil giant have pumped a lot less money into the Lotus F1 Team then they did with the Williams team. In 2012, it was estimated that Maldonado brought an estimated £45 million in sponsorship from PDVSA to the Williams team.
In recent season's due to the economic down turn worldwide we have seen a drop off in massive sponsorship deals being announced in Formula One. However that changed this season as the Williams F1 Team have managed to plug the hole left by the departure of PDVSA by announcing Martin as their title sponsor with the Grove outfit being renamed Williams Martini Racing.
McLaren, who lost title sponsor Vodafone at the end of last season have said that financially they are in an extremely strong position and are currently in negotiation with a number of company's over a new title sponsorship and will be in a position to announce who it is in the near future.
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