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Haas has the resources and basic infrastructure to succeed in Formula One

(Haas Automotive)
Haas Formula Chief Executive Gene Haas believes he has the resources and infrastructure in place to succeed in getting his Haas Formula Grand Prix team onto the grid in 2015.
Speaking as he outlined his plans for the Formula One team, Haas said that the new team which was granted its Formula One licence on Friday will be based in a facility alongside his NASCAR operation Stewart Haas Racing in Kannapolis, North Carolina and that the team will be a fully American Formula One Team.
Haas has appointed former Red Bull Racing Head of Technical Operations, Guenther Steiner as Haas Formula's team principal and Steiner conformed that he has spoken to former Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali and did not rule out the possibility of approaching the Italian about getting involved in the new American team.
Initially the team plan to appoint a number of technical partners and are in advanced discussions with Italian chassis builder Dallara who currently provide IndyCar with their chassis for the first season with the eventual aim of becoming a fully fletched Constructor. Haas confirmed that the aim is that the facility in North Carolina is to focus on Aero development and chassis design.
Gene Haas owns a full scale wind-tunnel and would reduce the size of it to comply with the current Formula One regulations that do not allow a full scale wind-tunnel. The teams aim is to arrive at the first race and be in apposition to compete with the other teams.

The team have two options when it comes to an engine supplier, Mercedes and Ferrari. The reason behind attempting to compete in Formula One is because the sport is now more cost affective.

Haas said:

'We're the most advanced nation on the planet, so I don't see why we can't do this'.

He went on to say: 'I am here to prove WE can do it'

When asked about the commitment that the FIA were looking for from the team, Haas said that they have a five year plan in place but the FIA were looking for up to 2020. With the budget in place the team are aiming to spend sensibly and not just through money into the project.

When asked about the scepticism surrounding the project Haas referred to the US Grand Prix in Austin Texas and how it has become one of the most successful GrandPrix venue's in recent years so he see's no reason why the team won't be able to succeed.

Depending on who they manage to get as their engine supplier the team would have offices in either Germany or Italy as well as their main headquarters in the US. Haas was also asked whether or not he felt the new F1 team would have a detrimental affect on his NASCAR team Stewart Hass Racing to which replied no that he hoped that the two operations would provide synergy to one another.

Haas also said that the first year would be a challenge just like with the initial year of his NASCAR team who have now proven to be one of the most successful team's in recent seasons. Haas also operates four cars in Cup series.

The team will make a decision in the next four week's as to whether or not it is realistic to get two cars to the opening race of the season in 2015 or to wait until 2016. The team have nine months to prepare for 2015 however, as Haas has said, he has the resources at his disposal to get the team ready for 2015 and wouldn't have applied for a place on the grid if he felt he would not succeed in the sport.

The team have until June to inform the FIA if they will be ready for 2015 or if not they also have the option to start in 2016.

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