Tuesday, 22 April 2014

McLaren won't press the panic button

(McLaren Mercedes)

McLaren Racing Director Eric Boullier has said that there is no need for the Woking based to panic after his team suffered another disappointing race weekend at the Chinese Grand Prix which saw neither Jenson Button score point's for the team.

It was the second race in succession that the team have to score point's after their double retirement from the Bahrain Grand Prix as both cars suffered from identical clutch problems. Despite the recent run of disappointing results Boullier said:

'It is obviously bad. To have a DNS [did not score] - that hurts, One of the dangers after last year is to go into panic mode, which would make things even worse. It is why we have to go back a little and say, 'don't panic. McLaren has won as many races as Ferrari. Two years ago they were winning races, so there is no reason to panic.'

Boullier's comments despite the fact that the team have secured a double podium with Kevin Magnussen finishing in second place and Jenson Button finishing in third place at the season opening Australian Grand Prix. The team currently lie in 5th place in the Constructors championship just 9 point's behind Ferrari in fourth place.

Speaking about the cars lack of down-force which has affected their on track performances Boullier said:

'We're working on it, and obviously it is going to come sooner rather than later I hope. 'Already in the wind tunnel we have picked up a lot of performance, and back in the factory everything is fine, it is just a question of preparing everything and shipping it to the track.'

Despite the teams recent struggles, compared to where they were four Grand Prix into last season the team have made a massive step forward. This time last year, McLaren had 23 point's, this season the team have 20 more point's and are on 43 point's so the Woking outfit will be looking for a good result next time out in Spain and they will hope to secure at least one podium.

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