Wednesday, 7 January 2015

1000HP power units could be introduced into Formula One in 2017

(Bernard Asset DPPI for Renault Sport F1)

Formula One could be set for another engine regulation change in 2017. The sport currently runs 1.6 litre V6 turbo charged power units which were introduced in 2014. 

The sports manufacturers met in Geneva earlier this week to discuss ways for the sport to move forward in the future and one idea put forward is to introduce 1000 horse power units.

The manufacturers are looking at ways in which the current power units can be adapted so that there will be no need for a complete redesign of the V6 power plant as this would prove to be too expensive.

The proposal would require the regulations regarding fuel to be altered ever so slightly as greater fuel consumption would allow the V6 power units to operate a higher rev limit which would in turn increase the power output.

The idea behind the proposal put forward by the manufacturers is to make the cars harder to drive and faster at the same time.

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