Thursday, 8 January 2015

New technical partner for Williams

(Williams Martini Racing Team)

The Williams Martini Racing Team along with Williams Advanced Engineering have confirmed a new technical IT partnership with DTEX Systems.

The company are a leading provider of global security software. The new deal will see the use of DTEX Auditing software throughout Williams’ business interests. Discussing the new partnership, IT Director at Williams, Graeme Hackland stated:

‘Whilst keeping your Formula One innovation away from your competitors has always been important, it is since we created the Williams Advanced Engineering division that protecting this IP has become even more critical. When you are entrusted with multiple customers’ data, proactive auditing of how data is handled becomes critical to prevent data loss.

Mr Hackland went on to say:

A new IT security model was required and with the Dtex software tools, our Formula One data and Williams Advanced Engineering customer data is now fully auditable and encourages data owners to take accountability for their data. 

Dtex were selected by Williams for their easy to install, low footprint micro-agent and comprehensive reporting capability for data use at rest, in motion or being printed; application and software license tracking and most importantly for the ability to baseline user profiles and then identify abnormal behaviour.

DTEX Chief Executive Officer Mohan Koo stated:

Williams is a very special partnership for Dtex - not just for the prestige associated with one of the most decorated teams in sporting history, but also because Williams Advanced Engineering has harnessed the high value IP created by Formula One and applied it to real-world technology requirements. 

For this reason, Williams provides a fantastic showcase for Dtex to demonstrate how IP protection can be achieved in a highly competitive environment, where restrictive security controls would stifle innovation.

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