Thursday, 29 May 2014

In season testing could be banned in an effort to reduce costs

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Formula One team's and the FIA are reportedly in discussions to re-introduce a ban on on in-season testing ahead of next season in an effort to cut costs. In 2014, in-season testing was introduced following, the Bahrain, Spanish, British and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The tests take place on the Tuesday and Wednesday following each of the events.

However it is now understood that a number of proposals are being discussed in an attempt to reduce the cost of competing in Formula One for the teams.

There is also the potential for there to be just two pre-season tests next season as it is understood that teams want to test within Europe due to the cost involved in transporting the cars to winter testing. This would mean that there would just be two three day tests at the Jerez circuit in Spain.

McLaren Racing Director Eric Boullier has warned Formula One not to make nee jerk rule changes as he believes that introducing so many regulations which the Frenchman believes could in fact drive up the cost of operating in Formula One. It is going to be a particularly important winter for the Woking based outfit as they will make the switch from Mercedes to Honda power for the 2015 season so they will want as many test day's as possible to ensue that they have a seem-less transition from Mercedes to Honda power.

Boullier said:

'We have to be careful. The more change we do to the regulations, the more money we could potentially spend adjusting our business to the new rules," He went on to say:

'We know trying to keep the regulations stable over a few years is the best way to make sure we are saving money.'

The Frenchman concluded by saying:

'At the same time, there are a couple of big discussions about the format of the weekend, the price of the engine, restriction in the wind-tunnel, where we could potentially save more money.

© Ben Johnston 2014

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