Thursday, 29 May 2014

Twin pit boxes should be introduced

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Former F1 driver turned BBC commentator David Coulthard believes the sport should introduce twin pit boxes in the pit-lane to avoid situations like that in Monaco which saw some team's double stacking their cars during the safety car period.

Coulthard who raced in Formula One for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull Racing believes that the sport should have inter team battle's among mechanics aswell as driver's. Writing in his column for the Telegraph Coulthard said:

'This has fallen on deaf ears before, but I think we should have two pit boxes, because otherwise it neutralises the inter-team battle as it benefits the guy in front,'

He concluded by saying:

'If you want to see a true battle of man against man we should get away from this single stop.'

 Formula One  is currently looking for ways to reduce pending in in the sport and if Coulthard's suggestion was to be undertaken by the team's it would increase the expenditure for all team's in the sport as they would be forced into bringing two pit crews to a each Grand Prix which would also contravene the sports own regulations limiting the number of staff allowed per team to travel to each event which is currently 60.

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