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McLaren could have radical car revisions after Silverstone

(McLaren Mercedes)

McLaren Racing Director Eric Boullier has said that the Woking outfit may go radical in their approach to the rest of the season with the MP4-29 if their results do not improve by the British Grand Prix in Silvertone at the end of June.

The Woking based outfit have now gone three Grand Prix without scoring points and haven't been on the podium since the opening race of the 2014 season in Australia where they scored a double podium. The team were overtaken by Williams in the Constructors championship at the Spanish Grand Prix over the weekend and are now in 6th place.

Speaking at a McLaren phone in Boullier said: 

'We had to go through in detail to understand why we have an under performing car and how to develop the car, and even questioning how we bring concepts and how we develop the car on a day-to-day basis. Now we have put everything in place.'

When asked about the upcoming Grand Prix Boullier said:

'Monaco and Canada are a bit special in terms of their track layout, so the question of how capable we are of catching up, and how fast we are catching up, will be for Austria and Silverstone. I am not saying we will win in Silverstone, but we will know more about our capability to catch up in these races.'

Despite McLaren's tough time since the start of the season Boullier has stated that the team will push ahead with major updates for their car for the rest of the season and they will not switch focus to next season at this stage in the 2014 Formula One season as the team will switch from Mercedes power to Honda ahead of the start of the 2015 season.

Boullier said:

'I don't think we will shift our focus to 2015 because, now, with the restriction we have in the wind tunnel with running the '30/30' [the choice between 30 hours of wind tunnel time per week or 30 teraflop of CFD data per week or combination of the both] - it is different to the old days when you could run 24/7 and throw a lot of energy and resources into the wind tunnel. But, it's a possible that we will draw a line by Silverstone and we may go with more radical concepts rather than going to the 2015 cars, which are concepts we are actually already working on as well.'

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