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Mercedes will find it hard to control in house fighting

(McLaren Mercedes)

McLaren Mercedes Racing Director Eric Boullier believes that it is going to be difficult for Mercedes to control their driver's if they pair continue to be the pace-setters this season. Mercedes have won all of the Grand Prix so far this season with Nico Rosberg taken his second win of the season in Monaco at the weekend with Lewis Hamilton finishing runner up.

Speaking to Autosport, Boullier whose team secured a double points finish in Monaco stated:

'It is very early in the season so I don't know what they have been doing. "But it is going to be tough for them going through the rest of the season.

Mercedes are currently on 240 points in the Constructors championship 141 points ahead of Infiniti Red Bull Racing. For their part McLaren had their most productive weekend since the Australian Grand Prix as Jenson Button did a fantastic job to finish the Grand Prix in 6th place having started the race from 12th on the grid while Kevin Magnussen finished the race in 10th place to pick up a point after starting the race in 8th place.

The Dane believes that the Woking based outfit are making progress. Speaking to the official Formula One website, Magnussen who was involved in an incident with Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen right at the end of the race said:

'Unfortunately [it was] a disappointing ending to my race [in Monaco]. But the outlook is good, and with 13 races sill to come that in the end is all that matters, We are really going forward. That might be a bit hard to see from the outside because things keep happening that distract us from showing our potential - but there is real progress that we're making.

He went on to say: 

'"My guess is that we should have been fifth or sixth, very likely fifth as I should have managed [Nico] Hulkenberg as he had massive degradation and I was looking after my tyres, so I should have caught him again towards the end of the race," he continued. "And just when I wanted to attack him I had an engine problem and fell behind - and then Kimi came along...

In Montreal last season, McLaren failed to score point's with their then driver Sergio Perez finishing the race in eleventh while Jenson Button finished the race in 12th place. Button has had a good record in Canada winning here in 2010, while Kevin Magnussen has never raced in Montreal before.

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