Thursday, 8 May 2014

Korea out, Azerbaijan in for 2015

(Mercedes AMG F1 Team)

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that Azerbaijan will take the place of the Korean Grand Prix from next season onwards.

The Korean Grand Prix which made its debut in 2010 was left off the 2014 F1 calendar as a result of poor attendance at last seasons event. The circuit in Korea is also located approximately 200 miles from the South Korean capital Seoul. 

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix will take place on the streets of Baku, the country's capital. Formula One has carried out a number of demonstration runs with Red Bull Racing having performed there in 2012 and again last year.

Speaking to The Times in the UK, Mr Ecclestone said:

'Baku has been signed. It will start in 2015 and will replace Korea.

When Ecclestone was asked about South Korea, he said that they did a good job with the circuit but forgot the development surrounding the circuit such as hotels.

Baku is located on the coast of Azerbaijan which will allow for easy transportation links for the teams and fans.

Azerbaijan is the latest country to have a Grand Prix confirmed. In the last ten years Formula One has branched out hugely with Grand Prix now held in China, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, The United States, India (no longer on the calendar) Russia (Set to make its debut this season) South Korea.

The spot will also make a return to Austria to the refurbished Red Bull Ring (formerly the A1 Ring).

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