Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Mercedes set to test trumpet to enhance the sound of F1

(Mercedes AMG F1 Team)

The Mercedes AMG F1 Team are set to test a 'trumpet exhaust' on the W05 on the final day of the Barcelona in season test at the Barcelona Circuit de Catalunya tomorrow. The FIA have been looking at ways to enhance the noise of the new generation of Formula One car following criticism from certain sections within the sport and some fans alike that the new cars are too quiet.

I attended the Spanish Grand Prix at the weekend and I found that the sound was absolutely magnificent.
The crowd at the circuit also seemed to think so considering the attendance at the track was just over 90,000 spectators.

Formula One knew what to expect coming into this season with the new engine regulations which would result in a quieter sound from the cars and there is no sense in trying to come up with a solution at this stage in the season. Team's should think long and hard before agreeing to changing the sound of their cars. The 2014 cars sound incredible and it is silly to artificially enhance the sound of the engine until the end of the season if the team's want make changes.

The 2014 Formula One season is just five Grand Prix old and it is should have been introduced at the start of winter testing rather then at the start of the European leg of the season. The cost in manufacturing a way of making Formula One cars louder is expensive in that a teams design office has to come up with a concept which then has to be fabricated and finally testing during practice for Grand Prix events due to there being limited testing days in Formula One this season.

Like anything new it takes time to get used to it, however the racing behind the Mercedes duo has been fantastic in the opening five Grand Prix of the season as the battle to be Formula One's best of the rest hots up.

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