Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Raikkonen wants to clear things with the team following strategy call

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Kimi Raikkonen has said that he will speak to Ferrari following a strategy call that saw team mate Fernando Alonso pitted first despite the fact that Raikkonen out-qualified Alonso on Saturday however Alonso went on to finish ahead of the Finn.

Speaking after the race on Sunday Raikkonen said: 

'No, but obviously I want to clear up a few things and that's all' when asked if the he felt like Ferrari's number 2 driver. The Finn went on to say:

'Obviously there was not much between it, I ran out of tyres a little bit in that lap or two. We still finished far away from the others or where we want to be, so it did not make much difference, two or three stop.'

Raikkonen walked away from a number of TV interviews following the race fueling speculation that the Finn was unhappy. However it was the line of questions that the Finn was being asked. Raikkonen out-performed Alonso over the course of the Spanish Grand Prix despite continuing to struggle with the new F14T.

The Finn also confirmed that the team are not happy with their current performances and  they cannot be happy to finish the race in Barcelona in 6th and 7th place. Raikkonen was lapped by the two Mercedes just prior to end of Sunday's race at the Barcelona Circut de Catalunya. 

Ferrari are currently 131 point's behind Mercedes in the Constructors championship and their team boss Marco Mattiacci has stated that his outfit need to improve immediately.

He confirmed that the team have set themselves challenging goals in order to get the most out of the F14T.

©Ben Johnston 2014

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