Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Greece looking for Formula One race


Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that Greece is looking into the possibility of hosting a Grand Prix. 

Ecclestone said that private investors are looking into the possibility of funding the construction of a street circuit in the Keratsini-Drapetsona municipality. In an interview with CNN.com Ecclestone stated that he has been asked to meet with the Greek prime minister who is apparently extremely keen for a Formula One Grand Prix to be held in Greece.

The idea of a Greek Grand Prix was lsst mooted in 2012 however with the economic situation in Greece at the idea was shelved however it now appears that the idea of hosting a Grand Prix would help bring money into the Greek economy through tourism revenue.

It is believed that the cost of staging a Grand Prix from the cost of constructing the circuit to hosting the event is in the region of £1 billion and this is something that the Greek government and the Greek public would be unwilling to fund.

It is believed that if a race were to take place in Greece it would be known as the Mediterranean Grand Prix.

If Formula One is to go to Greece it is unlikely to happen any time soon as Formula One is set to go to Sochi in October for the inaugural Russian Grand Prix while New Jersey is likely to make it's Grand Prix debut next season while Azerbaijan is set to become a Grand Prix venue in 2016. Formula One will also return to Mexico next season.

A number of circuits have also recently extended their contracts with Bernie Ecclestone to host Grand Prix events so it will be difficult for the sport to find space on the calendar for a race in Greece.

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