Thursday, 31 July 2014

Formula One set to scrap standing restarts

(Mercedes AMG F1 Team)

Formula One looks set to scrap their controversial place to introduce standing safety car restarts which are due to be introduced at the start of next season, however commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone has revealed that the new rule is set to be scrapped before it has its first roll out. 

A number of safety concerns have been raised about the standing restarts as if they were to happen the tyre's would be cold as the restart's would be under racing conditions which means that no team personnel are allowed on the grid without prior permission.

Ecclestone has also revealed that any changes that will be made to Formula One to boost its popularity will be minor.

One idea that has been suggested by Infiniti Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Hormer who commented in Hungary that opening up the garages and the paddock to fans for tours would be one such way of boosting the popularity of Formula One.

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