Sunday, 20 July 2014

Safety concerns need to be addressed

(Sauber F1 Team)

Today's German Grand Prix brought with it two main talking points. The first being the first corner incident involving Williams Martini Racing's Felipe Massa and McLaren's Kevin Magnussen while resulted in Massa's car briefly going upside down before righting itself. The incident brought out the safety car.

Later on in the race Adrian Sutil spun his Sauber C33 coming onto the main straight stalling the car and unable to continue the race. The car was left stranded on the main straight granted it was off the racing line but it was still extremely dangerous. It was thought that the safety car would be deployed to nuetralise the field but instead the incident was dealt with using double yellow flags.

A number of driver's have questioned the decision not to bring out the safety car as the Sauber was left in a dangerous position despite being off the racing line. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was one such driver to to question the decision not to deploy the Safety Car as he felt it risked the safety of the track side marshals

'In fact, there should have been a Safety Car. How on earth a car can be sitting in the middle of the road for a couple of laps and not come out…but I think you know why. A Safety Car would have normally come out in situations like that.'

There have been a number of big incidents recently in Formula One like Kimi Raikkonen's 47G accident in Silverstone and Lewis Hamilton's 27G crash in qualifying yesterday which immediately stopped the qualifying session.

Formula One as a sport was lucky today that there wasn't a big incident following Sutil's stoppage had the car been on the racing line things could have ended very differently. The fact that the car was stationary on the track for three lap's before being removed needs to be investigated as there sohuld have been a far quicker response time particularly as the car was close to a spot on the main straight where the car could easily be moved into the pit-lane.

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