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Contract signed to allow teams to supply rivals who are struggling financially with a car

(Frederic Le Floc'h DPPI for Renault Sport F1)

Formula One's front running teams are to be allowed to supply their rivals who are struggling financially with cars that is according to a report in Daily Mail on-line. The report claims that a contract is to be signed between commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone and the teams which would allow the likes of Caterham and Marussia to continue to compete in Formula One.

Under the terms of the Concorde Agreement if the grid drops below 20 cars which it will for the upcoming US and Brazilian Grand Prix then the bigger teams can be asked to run a third car. Although teams will be given the option of providing a third car.

The addition of a third car would be on the condition that it is operated by the struggling team. For example if McLaren were to provide a third car to Caterham it would be entered into a race as a Caterham F1 car. Teams also have to be given 60 days’ notice if they are to run a third car. Mr Ecclestone revealed on Saturday that the Marussia F1 Team are also likely to miss the next two race's in the US and Brazil.

Ecclestone also confirmed that the third car clause would not be triggered on this occasion as the Concorde Agreement allows a team to miss two Grand Prix in a season under extenuating circumstances. 

It was announced on Friday that the Caterham F1 Team had officially entered administration with the team’s current owner Engavest handing over control of the team to Finbarr O'Connell who has been appointed administrator from insolvency firm Smith and Williamson.

The Daily Mail also revealed that the Marussia F1 Team applied to the High Court in London earlier this month to also be placed into administration. 

Mr Ecclestone revealed that Red Bull Racing could step in to help Caterham as they supply the Leafield based team with a gearbox while Ferrari who provide power units to Marussia could provide them with a car with the stipulation that they run with a Ferrari sponsor on the car along with their own sponsors. 

This is unlikely to happen for next weekend's US Grand Prix however so as it stands there will just be 18 cars on the grid in Texas with 17 cars taking part in qualifying. 

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