Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Parry completes McLaren test as reward for winning the 2013 McLaren Autosport BRDC award

Stoffel Vandoorne testing at Silverstone
(McLaren Mercedes)

Matt Parry got his first taste of Formula One on Monday when the 20 year old got behind the wheel of the McLaren MP4-26 that Jenson Button drove to victory at the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. 

The 20 year old completed three lots of five lap stints for the Woking based outfit. Parry stated:

'It was extraordinary to be sat in the car for the first time. The nerves kicked in a little bit while I was waiting for the signal to go, as I was a little concerned about getting out of the garage without stalling – especially with everyone watching!'

Parry went on to say:

'The speed is the biggest thing – it's hard to describe the power, but it pulls in every gear and, even in seventh, it feels like you are in first! It's just continuous power everywhere.'

Parry had a late start to his day as the sorted out a telemetry issue with the car. However once that was sorted out Parry showed great pace.

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