Thursday, 30 October 2014

Forza Rossa given green light to enter Formula One in 2015 or 2016

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The Formula One grid is set to get two more cars from the 2015 or more likely the 2016 season with the new that Romanian team Forza Rossa has been given a the green light to enter the sport after receiving a letter of intent from the FIA. 

A report in the UK's Independent newspaper states that the new team entrant is lead by former Romanian health minister Ion Bazac and former Romanian football play Consatantin Cojocar. The newspaper revealed that in early 2014 Mr Cojocar had purchased Caterham Sports Limited and that the plan had been for Caterham Sports Limited to design and build Formula One cars for the Caterham F1 Team and the new Forza Rossa team.

However a statement from Mr Cojocar stated that similar to what happened to the Lotus F1 Team last season investment that had been promised to him had failed to materialize in Romania. 

'Early in 2014, a Romanian team called FRR Formula 1 Team [Forza Rossa] formed the intention of entering Formula 1. The project is led by a Mr Ion Bazac, a former Romanian health minister. 

In June 2014, Forza Rossa received a letter of intent from the FIA [the governing body for the sport], allowing it to enter Formula 1 in the next two years. Forza Rossa hopes to race in the 2015 season, but time to prepare is running short.'

Mr Cojocar went on to say:

'Unfortunately, the money promised to me by my backers has not arrived, I understand that Forza Rossa is looking at other possible arrangements for 2015 and I have found it very difficult to contact my backers in Romania.'

In Forza Rossa make it onto the grid in 2016 they will fellow Formula One newcomers the Haas  F1 Team who are scheduled to make their Formula One debut in 2016. Haas are making huge steps in their Formula One preparations after appointing former Anheuer-Busch sports marketer Adam Jacobs as the team's new Chief Marketing Officer.

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