Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lotus E22 undergoes nose job

United States Grand Prix
(Alastair Staley LAT for the Lotus F1 Team)

The Lotus F1 Team's E22 has undergone some cosmetic surgery ahead of tomorrow's opening day of on track action at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas. 

The team have endured an extremely difficult 2014 campaign which has yielded just eight points so far this season. The experimental wedge shaped nose will be tested on Friday in Austin as the team evaluate its on track performance compared to what has shown in data read outs from the Enstone squads wind-tunnel.

Lotus have used a tusk style nose and win assembly this season which will be made illegal from next season and it is planned that if the team are happy with the on track performance of the new wing it will be produced for the 2015 E23 chassis which will be powered by Mercedes.

The new wing and nose assembly will allow the car to generate greater down force which could result in better results for the team.

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