Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Endless Jewelry team up with Lotus for the US Grand Prix

(Lotus F1 Team)

The Lotus F1 Team have announced that they have signed a one race sponsorship deal with jewelry brand Endless for the next race, the United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas which takes place from October 31st - November 2.

The deal will see the Endless logo appear on the air-box and the top side-pod of the Lotus E22. Speaking about the announcement Lotus F1 Team CEO Matthew Carter stated:

'Endless Jewelry is an exciting young brand which is rapidly expanding in Europe and North America. The company ethos and approach very closely reflects those of Lotus F1 Team, making this partnership a perfect fit. 

The United States Grand Prix is a terrific event which gains fantastic exposure worldwide and is the perfect showcase for the US aspirations of Endless Jewelry.'

Endless Jewelry was founded in 2013 by Jesper Neilsen and his family and has experienced rapid expansion with their products available in over 3,000 stores in 18 countries worldwide.

Speaking about the announcement, Endless CEO Jesper Neilsen stated:

'Becoming a part of the Formula 1 world has been a childhood dream for me and having the opportunity to celebrate the successful launch of Endless Jewelry in the North American market in connection with the United States Grand Prix is an overwhelming feeling. 

Seeing the Endless logo on the beautiful black and gold Lotus F1 Team car is really something special and business wise it’s an investment that is sure to give the brand massive exposure – and everybody participating in the event a unique experience. I am very proud of the agreement with Lotus F1 Team.'

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