Monday, 22 September 2014

Boullier accuses Red Bull of using coded messages during the Singapore Grand Prix

Sporting Director Eric Boullier.
(McLaren Mercedes)

McLaren Racing Director Eric Boullier has criticized rivals Infiniti Red Bull Racing by calling into question the teams radio message to Daniel Ricciardo who was suffering from a battery problem with his RB10 and when he told the team about it they made the suggestion that the Australian should avoid the exit kerbs to try and help sort the issue out.

Boullier believes that this was a 'coded message' and feels that it is up to the FIA to investigate the matter but speaking to the Press Association Sport the Frenchman stated:

'We had no issues (with the new radio rules) on our side, It just made us more busy listening to others to make sure they made no mistakes, like Red Bull twice with Ricciardo.'

Despite his battery issue, Ricciardo went on to to finish the Singapore Grand Prix on the podium in third place behind race winner, Mercedes Lewis Hamilton and his Infiniti Red Bull Racing team mate Sebastian Vettel.

As a result of his third place finish Ricciardo has now increased his gap over Fernando Alonso in the driver's championship and is now on 181 points compared to Alonso's 133 points with five race's left this season.

Despite Boullier's concerns, Infiniti Red Bull Racing took to their official Twitter page to say:

'The FIA has confirmed to the Team that it's satisfied the messages were related to car reliability concerns, so no coded messages,'

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