Monday, 15 September 2014

Teams seek solution to high Grand Prix ticket prices

(Mercedes AMG F1 Team)

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff has stated that the teams have identified why thousands of fans have turned their backs on the sport and that is the cost of Grand Prix tickets. The Austrian has also stated that the teams want to hold urgent talks with the sports commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone to discuss the matter.. 

Speaking to Autosport about the situation Wolff stated:

'We have dared to discuss ticket prices, and we discussed the impact and the importance of the traditional circuits like Spa, like Monza, like Hockenheim.'

Wolff has said however that the teams are away that it is difficult for race promoters to reduce the cost of Grand Prix ticket's due to the fact that they fees they pay Mr Ecclestone for the rights to host Grand Prix events are so high.

The costs involved in attending a Grand Prix are extremely high with many weekend grandstand ticket's for European race's in excess of €200 and upwards and this does not include the cost of getting to race venues themselves and the cost of hotel accommodation.

When you compare that to the price of a general admission ticket for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone for this season which were priced at £69. It is clear that the sport needs to come together to find a way of reducing the cost of attending Grand Prix without affecting the show. The show this year has been absolutely fantastic with some incredible races but with the current global financial crisis around the world it is unacceptable to expect fans to spend huge amounts of money on attending race's.

This HAS to be a priority for the sport as it must been seen to be doing something to combat the cost of attending Grand Prix events.

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