Thursday, 25 September 2014

McLaren reject running third car in 2015

Jenson Button leaves the pits.
(McLaren Mercedes)

McLaren Mercedes Racing Director Eric Boullier has rejected the idea of running a third car next season as there is not enough time to prepare a third car. 

The Frenchman has stated that a team like McLaren would need up to six months to produce a third car and this would mean that if they were to start now they would not be ready to racing at the season opening Australian Grand Prix in March next season.

Speaking during a McLaren media phone on Thursday, Boullier commented:

'Regarding the chassis for the third car, the logistics and the people around, we will need at least six months' notice.'

Meanwhile Mercedes motorsport boss has stated that a team would have to spend upwards of £25 million to run a third car which a huge cost increase at a time when the sport is desperately trying to cut costs.

The team would also have to renegotiate existing sponsorship agreements and find additional sponsors as a way of raising the extra money needed to run a third car. It would also mean that there would be extra expense in the logistics of travelling to and from Grand Prix events.

The final and most important issue would be how it would affect driver contracts as team's would have to either promote young drivers or test drivers to race seats or indeed brings outside drivers into the teams.

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