Friday, 19 September 2014

Pirelli expecting three stop strategy in Singapore on Sunday

(Pirelli Motorsport Media)

This weekend Pirelli have brought the yellow walled Soft compound and the red walled Super soft compound tyre's for the Singapore night race which marks the first of the final six fly away race's as the 2014 Formula One season reaches its climax.

Friday saw 22 sets of the Super soft tyre used over the course of the day while 66 sets of the Soft tyre were used over the course of the two sessions. 1547 KM were completed on the Super Soft tyre while 3900 KM were completed on the Soft tyre,

In Free Practice One the top three of Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg used brand new sets of the P Zero Soft compound tyre while in the second session, the top three of Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo all used sets of the P-Zero Super Soft tyre. 

The highest number of laps completed on the Super Soft tyre were 22 while the highest number of laps completed on the Soft tyre was 25 laps. Speaking about today's session, Pirelli Motorsport Director Paul Hembery commented:
'The time difference between the two compounds was perhaps slightly bigger than we expected, but the nature of the track and the conditions are such that this is unlikely to alter considerably as the weekend goes on. 

With the high incidence of safety cars and the speed advantage of the supersoft, strategy will be an important consideration right from the very start of qualifying. Strategies will obviously have to be flexible, and we would expect to see three stops. 

As expected thermal degradation will be the biggest challenge here, with the degradation levels of the soft and the supersoft tyre actually not so different. We need to look at the data from tomorrow as well in order to have a more complete idea of the optimal race strategy, but tyre management will clearly play a significant role.”

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