Friday, 19 September 2014

Three car teams could be introduced into Formula One

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Formula One commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone has confirmed that discussions are taking place that could see teams running three cars next season. The news comes as the smaller teams like Sauber, Caterham and Marussia are struggling financially. Speaking to the Guardian, Mr Ecclestone commented:

'We'll know after the next two or three races, It's always been on the cards that if we lose up to three teams then the other teams will run three cars. I think we should do it anyway. I would rather see Ferrari with three cars, or any of the other top teams with three cars than having teams that are struggling." Asked if it was in the pipeline he replied: "Oh yeah, for sure.'

Despite Ecclestone's idea of three car teams, McLaren's Jenson Button has stated that he would prefer to see smaller teams saying:

'That's a lot of work for the teams. If one car is so strong next year, you could have no other cars on the podium, which isn't so good, 

We've always had smaller teams. It's a good thing we have them, there's a lot of personalities," he said. "Obviously it would be nice if they didn't have such big struggles and they could be more competitive. But that's always been the case in Formula One.'

The idea of having three car teams has been discussed for a number of years and there is a provision for it under the terms of the Concorde Agreement that is currently in place.

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