Thursday, 18 September 2014

FIA to amend radio ban following team concerns

(Mercedes AMG F1 Team)

The FIA is set to send the Formula One team's a fresh directive in relation to the ban on certain radio communications after team's raised concerns over the ban. The news comes as the teams raised concerns that communicating issues to do with the Energy Recovery System, and the rear brakes could be affected by reliability and could potentially cause an accident if they were to fail.

It is thought that the new directive will be discussed during Friday's driver briefing prior to the start of Free Practice for this weekend's Singapore Grand Prix.

Reigning world champion, Infiniti Red Bull Racing's Sebastian Vettel stated:

'The main difficulty is not necessarily stuff like the fuel because it’s simple to put up a certain target to follow [on the car's dash]. But in terms of managing the components, and the way they work with each other, it will be very difficult for us.

The four time world champion went on to say:

'But it could be a problem if you want to manage the state of charge throughout the whole race. That’s the reason we have so many people in the garage.'

Radio communications between the driver and his team are key during specific phases in the Grand Prix particularly at the start of the race as the drivers as they make their way to the grid prior to the start of the race. 

They already have enough information to process without having to remember technical instructions given to them on the grid by their engineers.

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