Thursday, 19 June 2014

Formula One scraps plans for reduced Grand Prix running

Jenson Button leads Kevin Magnussen.
(McLaren Mercedes)

Reports in the German media today claim that Formula One has abandoned plans to reduce Friday running at Grand Prix events following a meeting between the FIA, F1 Team's and Grand Prix promoters in London on Wednesday. The proposal was that from 2015 onwards that the sport would have just one session on a Friday afternoon to allow teams an extra day to get to the event.

On Wednesday, Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff said that he felt that reducing the running on a Friday would not work in reducing the running costs involved in Formula One. 

At the meeting on Wednesday it was also proposed that the ban on tyre blankets which was due to come into force from next season onwards will now not go ahead and indeed according to the report in Auto Motor Und Sport the Pirelli logo will now appear on the tyre warmers for next season as a way for the Italian company to boost it's sponsorship income. 

If the ban on tyre warmers is reversed, it is certainly the right decision on the rounds of safety and Formula One tyre's need to be at a certain operating before a car goes out on track as this reduces the risk of failure's which could result in major accident's. 

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