Saturday, 14 June 2014

Patrick flattered by F1 link but happy in NASCAR for now


NASCAR's Danica Patrick has stated that she is flattered to be linked to Gene Haas' new Formula One team Haas Formula but has stated that she is, for now happy to be competing for Haas in his NASCAR team. 

Earlier this week, Gene Haas announced that he would be deferring his Formula One entry until 2016 after initially been granted entry into Formula One for next season. He also said that having Patrick in his Formula One team would be perfect for his team but conceded that it may not happen. Speaking to the Toronto Sun ahead of competing in a NASCAR Sprint Cup Race in Michigan Patrick said that has not spoken to Gene (Haas) or anyone else about the F1 project.

She also stated that she feels that by the time the F1 project gets off the ground in 2016 she may be too old (32) to start a third career in F1 following stints in IndyCar and NASCAR. 

Patrick revealed that she is just getting used to running in NASCAR and that right that is where her focus is. However the former Andretti Autosport IndyCar driver has stated that out of respect for Gene Haas if he was to approach her about the F1 project she would would listen to what he had to say and did not rule out one day making a return to single seater racing.

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