Friday, 13 June 2014

Formula One set to adopt MADMAT fire safety system


Formula One looks set to introduce a new fire safety system known as MADMAT which has been adapted from military use to help prevent the spread of fire. The idea came about following the events of the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix which saw a fire break out in the Williams garage which resulted in a number of mechanics being injured in the accident. The team were celebrating Pastor Maldonado's victory.

The idea is for the MADMAT to be placed in the garage where the team's store their fuel in order to any potential fires. 

MADMAT was designed to help suffocate any flames, reduce temperatures and to minimize smoke in the event of a fire. Formula One has been working closely with the FIA and the Oscar Nelson Group to develop a new fire safety system since accident in Spain in 2012.

The next step in the process according to Dan Dragoi who is sphere heading the project for the Oscar Nelson Group is to find a suitable way of transporting the material around the world to each Grand Prix event. One option being looked into is that the circuit's would provide the material rather then adding to teams logistics loads.

Dragoi said that the eventual aim is to have this new floor in IndyCar and NASCAR but right now the company are focused on Formula One but are in talks with other motor racing categories.

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