Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Haas talking to interested sponsors


New team owner Gene Haas has stated that his new Formula One team Haas Formula will have no problems with the finance's involved in running a Formula One team but he is under no illusions as to what it will take to get the team off the ground. In an interview with the Daily Mail Newspaper Haas said that the decision on who will be with the team will be Guenther Steiner's decision as he is the team boss and knows the sport.

Haas has also stated that the team are in talks with a number of potential sponsors who are extremely interesting in getting involved with the team however he believes that having loads of sponsors will not be necessary for the team to get on the grid. 

The current Formula One regulations state that any new team entering the sport has to wait three season's before they receive prize money. 

Haas stated that he wants to make a efficient team and he believes that this can be achieved with a smaller workforce rather then having 500 employees and he said that Steiner likes to talk to everyone at the factory on a daily basis and that this would not be possible with a massive staff. Haas also said that in his experience of running smaller operations things get done a lot faster if there is a smaller workforce as there is not a massive management structure that has to sign off on decisions.

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